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Tour option 1:   False Bay to Walker Bay -
Follow in the Footsteps of our Ancestors

Including lunch: R 950 per person ( minimum 2 persons)
Excluding lunch: R 800 per person (minimum 2 persons)
Tour option 2:   Birding -
The delight of Birding in the Cape

The cost of these excursions are calculated according to the distance traveled and the duration of the tour.

Distance calculated at: R 2.75 per km
(It is possible to use your own vehicle instead, in which case only the travel costs to and from the departure point will be applicable)

Guides Fees: R 100/hour for the first person
for each additional person: R 20/hour (Max 5 persons)

(from arranged time of departure till drop off at accommodation establishment)

    Rate / hour

1 person:s R 100
2 persons: R 120
3 persons: R 140
4 persons: R 160
5 persons: R 180
Tour option 3:   Other Tours

Please contact us for a quote
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 False Bay to Walker Bay Tour

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