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The Delight of Cape Birds

The Western Cape Province boasts with a birdlist of well over 350 different bird species, many of which are endemic or near endemic to Southern Africa.

We offer a variety of full day excursions where we visit the best local hotspots of the Cape Peninsula, Overberg and West Coast.

It's not all about listing and ticking off sightings and the tours are designed in such a way that you will learn more about the various habits and habitats of, as well as interesting facts about the birds in the region - even if you are not a serious birder.

Please contact us for tailor-made options that would suit your needs.

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 Birding Tours
 False Bay to Walker Bay Tour

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-  Full day options include:  -  Overberg    -   West Coast   -   Cape Peninsula   -   Tailor made tours according to your needs   -  
Orange-breasted Sunbird       Southern Tchagra

Brummer Olivier, Registered Tourist Guide

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